Ethical Society Mid Rivers


Ethical Society Mid Rivers offers wedding services performed by our officiant who has been trained and authorized by the American Ethical Union. This officiant is able to legally perform marriages in Missouri at the location the couple’s choosing.

Ethical Society officiants help couples design a ceremony that offers a creative, public expression of their personal sense of love and commitment through readings, rituals and vows. We specialize in creative, customized wedding ceremonies for couples of mixed religious backgrounds, no particular religious connection, or others who want a nontraditional, humanistic ceremony.

Values are the foundation of an Ethical Culture wedding ceremony: respect for the worth and uniqueness of each person and the importance of making and keeping commitments are two key values that an Ethical Culture ceremony stresses. Ethical Humanism is dedicated to the legalization of gay marriage and will perform commitment ceremonies where it is not legally possible to have a wedding ceremony. 

Most ceremonies follow traditional formats with a welcome to the couple, a discussion of the marriage commitment, the exchange of vows and rings, and the pronouncement of marriage.  Readings by friends and relatives, musical pieces, a request for support from the attendees are all elements that can be included. 

Contact us to arrange to meet one our wedding officiant. She will work with you to plan your creative, customized wedding ceremony centered on ethical commitment and human values.


Fees paid to the Ethical Society Mid Rivers for ceremonies performed by our Officiant qualifies as tax-deductible contributions.

Couples are responsible for obtaining the marriage license.  The Officiant is responsible for completing and filing the marriage license paperwork.

 Contact us about Wedding Services. Call: 636-395-0249