Ethical Society Mid Rivers


Ethical Society Mid Rivers is a humanist community that focuses on living ethical lives and raising ethical children. We are a non-profit organization whose members are inspired to seek the worth in every living being. We strive to build a more humane world by promoting ethical growth and learning.


A person is welcome to apply for membership in the Ethical Society at any time. We do suggest that you visit us several times before applying to ensure that we are a good fit for you. We hope that repeat visitors will decide to become members so that our community can thrive and grow, but you can come as a visitor as long as you like.

Ethical Society Mid Rivers is a humanist educational, cultural, social justice congregation.

We commit ourselves to the unique worth of every person.

We build relationships that bring out the best in others and in ourselves.

Our faith is in the human capacity to create a better world.

The Ethical Society Mid Rivers participates in several ethical action activities throughout the year. We maintain a stretch of highway in Wentzville, as part of the "Adopt a Highway" program. We provide a dinner monthly to the residents and staff at the Youth in Need emergency shelter in St. Charles. We provide supplies all year long for the food pantry at FISH, which is also located in our county. We have also visited area nursing homes, animal shelters, provided care packages to area homeless people and have hosted letter writing campaigns to lawmakers when issues arise that we are passionate about supporting or opposing.

Ethos is ESMR’s newsletter distributed by email to Society members.
Copies of a current issue are available for our visitors. Our staff’s aim is to publish a document which informs about topics and current issues of interest to our members; to educate members and others about the history and philosophy of Ethical Culture; to inform about the various activities of ESMR and to do so in a literate style in a pleasing format. We welcome member participation in the production of Ethos.

The Women of Worth group, also known as WOW, meets monthly for lunch on the first Friday of every month. This is primarily a social group, which also creates handicraft items that are offered for sale at the annual Oktoberfest in St. Charles every fall. The WOW group also participates in various culturally based activities throughout the year.

One of many charities supported by the Ethical Society of Mid Rivers is KIVA. We sustain micro loans to people in developing nations, in order for them to alleviate poverty. More information about KIVA can be found here:

  •  A laboratory for personal growth
  •  A weekly rest from worldly cares
  •  A place to recollect one's real worth through tapping into a deeper connection
  •  A center for raising ethical children in truth and community
  •  A place to safely be oneself and reach out beyond oneself
  •  A center of discussion of current issues on which ethics has a bearing
  •  A social community
  •  A spiritual home
  •  A wedding chapel
  •  An academy of free inquiry on the most significant questions of life
  •  A movement to "ethicize" all social reform movements
  •  A keeper of the ideal of an ethical world society
  •  A gateway to worthwhile ethical action in the world
  •  People affirming and supporting their highest aspirations
  •  An organization to structure and invigorate all of the above
We truly aspire to bring out the best in others and thereby in ourselves.

Members of the Ethical Society Mid Rivers embrace a diversity of political and social viewpoints, and participate in various causes on a local and national level. Some areas of focus are listed below:

Environmental issues are a focus for many Ethical Society members, who participate in organizations such as the Missouri Coalition for the Environment and the Sierra Club.

The Ethical Society supports community groups that offer services to gay, lesbian, and bisexual people in the St. Louis area such as the LGBT Center of St. Louis, PFLAG (Parents, Families & Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and advocates for equality for all Missourians (PROMO).

The Ethical Society supports reproductive justice for all (Faith Aloud) and efforts to obtain universal affordable health care through organizations such as Missourians for Single Payer and Medicare for All.

The Ethical Society promotes respect for the civil rights and constitutional freedoms afforded all faiths and religions in conjunction with the Interfaith Alliance.

Members advocate for domestic abuse victims and their rights and support local organizations like Lydia’s House, The Women’s Safe House, The Women’s Center, and ALIVE (Alternatives to Living In Violent Environments).

The Ethical Society works together with the Gateway Institute of Technology and other organizations like Boys Hope Girls Hope to help youth in need.