Ethical Society Mid Rivers


Two phrases you will hear often repeated in the Ethical Societies across America are "Deed before Creed" and "Our goal is to bring out the best in others and thereby in ourselves."

The speakers' topics cover a wide range of interests... from philosophy to social issues to current events to environmental issues.

Children are invited to attend our Sunday Ethical Education for Kids (SEEK) programs while their parents attend the main program.

Our meetings are informal and guests are welcome.

Every spring the Ethical Society Mid Rivers hosts a themed  Trivia Night, an evening of interesting questions, neat prizes and most importantly, a lot of great fun. The event features many auction items, fun games, with free beer, soda, snacks and much more. Gather a group of friends and join us!  This year's event is called Fun & Games Trivia Night. Here's an idea...for a little extra fun, why not dress up yourself or your table in your favorite board game characters?!

April 18th 2015

University of Missouri Extension

260 Brown Road

St. Charles, MO  63347

Doors: 6:00pm  Trivia Starts: 7:00pm

$20 per person

Beer, Soda & Snacks Supplied

$250.00 First Place Cash Prize

Recently the much anticipated visit to ESMR by a the an exceptional leader of the national Ethical Movement, Hugh Taft-Morales, resulted in a weekend of fellowship and studies in the area of Ethical Culture. This video of his platform presentation is a perfect primer for those wishing to get a feel for what the Ethical Society is all about.

Hugh Taft-Morales taught philosophy and history for twenty-five years in Washington, D.C., having earned a Masters in Philosophy from University of Kent at Canterbury, England in 1986 and having graduated from Yale University in 1979. In 2009 he completed a three-year leadership certification program with the Humanist Institute, and he was certified by the American Ethical Union in 2010 as an Ethical Culture Leader.ecently ,

Hugh has been an invigorating presence in Ethical Culture. He has been active in the Washington Ethical Society, serving as director of its Coming-of-Age program (2009-2011), a Board member (2002-2005), and Board president (2006). He has also been engaged in American Ethical Union work, serving on the AEU planning committee for two years, as co-coordinator for the Presidents Council AEU for a year, and as secretary of the AEU National Leaders Council at present. , He is a consulting Leader with the Ethical Society Without Walls and serves as Secretary of the National Leaders Council of the American Ethical Union. He joined the Baltimore Ethical Society as its professional leader in 2010. He also serves as Leader of the Ethical Humanist Society of Philadelphia.

His vision for Ethical Culture is that it flourish as a clearly defined and reenergized movement inspired by Ethical Humanism and effective in collective ethical action and social justice campaigns. He is humbled and grateful for the challenge of working in Ethical Culture as a leader.

Hugh – who lives in Takoma Park, Maryland with his wife Maureen, a Latin American Analyst with the Congressional Research Service – has three beloved children, Sean, Maya, and Justin.

Singing and playing guitar, practicing yoga, and watching “way too much sports” are among Hugh’s enjoyments.

Hugh Taft-Morales speaking at Ethical Society Mid Rivers
A welcoming dinner for Hugh was held at the home of our board president on Saturday evening.
Hugh (left) took advantage of the occasion to do one of his favorite thisgs, play music.
Saturday featured an evening of dinner, fellowship, and music.
Hugh Taft-Morales' platform talk for ESMR
Hugh Taft-Morales' paper on Ethical Society membership
ESMR Press Release about Hugh Taft-Morales' visit

Ethical Society Mid Rivers meets on

Sunday Mornings - 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.
University of Missouri Extension Center
260 Brown Road

Saint Peters, Missouri  63376

Sunday, March 29th 10:30 am: Emily Bieker: Summer Camp for the Survivors of Burns. The Burns Recovered Support Group, Inc., was formed in 1983 by a group of burn survivors with the assistance of members of the burn care team at St. John’s Mercy Medical Center. The mission of Burns Recovered Support Group is to assist burn survivors in their recovery, support medical facilities in the care of burns in Missouri and educate the public in burn awareness and prevention. The Burns Recovered Support Group is a dynamic cohesive team of individuals from the public, corporate, medical and fire service communities. Working together, we help in the prevention and reduction of pain and suffering caused by burns and burn-related injuries. They provide resources to finance goals and objectives of the group. They also promote legislation consistent with the goals and objectives of the foundation as well as network with other organizations with similar interest.

Sunday, April 5th10:30 am: Robert Sussman-Washington University Professor of Anthropology, will discuss his recent book,
"The Myth of Race: The Troublesome Persistence of An Unscientific Idea"
Dr. Sussman graduated with a M.A. from University of California-Los Angeles and later earned  his Ph.D. from Duke University. His  research covers a wide array of topics in primatology, much of which is field-oriented and interdisciplinary. He is interested in the evolution of human and nonhuman primate behavior and the ways in which the study of primates can help us understand the biological basis of human behavior.
In Madagascar, he is conducting a long-term study of the demography, ecology and social organization of the ring-tailed lemur at the Beza Mahafaly Reserve. He is a co-founder of this reserve which is part of a cooperative program in research, conservation, education, and development between Washington U, Yale U, and the University of Madagascar.
In Mauritius he has worked on the ecology and social organization, and with Washington U. biologists, the genetics of long-tailed macaques who were introduced 450 years ago. The forests of Mauritius are extremely degraded and are disappearing rapidly.
Sussman has recently begun working with students working in Central and South
America, especially Costa Rica and Guyana. They are interested in community ecology and conservation of the primates in these regions.
He will bring copies of his book to be purchased.

April 27th 2014: Rachel Levi: "Understanding the Good Food Movement"

Rachel Levi, Program Director of EarthDance Farms, described the work done on and by EarthDance Farms which is a non-profit organic farm school located at Missouri's oldest organic farm. In her current position at EarthDance, Rachel oversees the organization's various educational programs, seeks funding opportunities, and manages partnerships. Her current position allows her to facilitate transformative hands-on learning for adults and children through EarthDance's apprenticeship and youth programming. She is enthusiastic to continue growing the good food movement!

March 23rd 2014: Jillian Adams: "Affordable Care Act, Medicaid Expansion and Current Reproductive Health Legislation"

Jillian Adams, Planned Parenthood will talk about the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid Expansion and current reproductive health legislation and will offer opportunities for making a healthier community. Jillian Adams, MSW, is the St. Louis-based grassroots organizer for Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri. 

March 9th 2014:  "Going Where Gender Isn't," by Andy Semler.

Andy explains; "Genderqueer people are gaining increased visibility within a society that doesn't legally recognize our existence, but we are still a minority within a minority. This talk will explore the social, economic and health aspects of living outside the gender binary in the USA. I will also share from my own 'coming of gender' story, as we begin a broader dialog. What can the humanist community do to create a society where people of all genders flourish?" Andy is an active member of the LGBT Center of St. Louis, the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, and the greater online community of non-binary trans and genderqueer folk everywhere.